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Knowing About Salesforce Certifications And Its Perks

Knowing About Salesforce Certifications And Its Perks

Software professionals, techies and others who are looking for an attractive career can go for Salesforce certifications. Salesforce technology is becoming popular and used in various industries. There is a steady demand for Salesforce administrators, developers, consultants etc. Thus you would get better career opportunities and grow to greater heights with Salesforce certifications. Visit your nearest training centre where they offer Salesforce training Chennai.

Here you would know the benefits of Salesforce certification and the standard Salesforce certifications offered by Salesforce.
Significance Of Salesforce Certification
The latest technology in use in most of the popular companies is Salesforce. Thus add up to your educational qualification with a Salesforce certificate. This would increase the value of your resume. You would stand unique and compete easily with your competitors. A Salesforce certification would thus help to grab a better job opportunity. If your Salesforce certified, you become an expert in Salesforce technology. This would attract employers, and they would be ready to hire you.
Salesforce certified people are in high demand as clients wish to work only with Salesforce experts. Professionals can look for better job opportunities with a Salesforce certification.
Popular Salesforce Certifications
Salesforce certifications are broadly classified under two tracks namely administrative and development tracks. The commonly done Salesforce certifications by professionals are listed below.
The following are the certifications done under the administrative track.

Salesforce Certified Administrator: This certification is mostly done by a fresher. With this certification, you would have a clear idea about Salesforce application. You would be aware of managing and configuring sales. You would master in Salesforce CRM and hone your presentation skills. You would develop good command over managing users, customers, clients etc. Get trained in reputed Salesforce training centres offering Salesforce admin training in Chennai.

Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator-Salesforce certified administrator is eligible for the advanced Salesforce certification. He should also possess a working experience of at least two years as a Salesforce administrator in an organisation. A Salesforce certified advanced administrator can build robust applications of clients based on their requirement.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant: To become a Salesforce cloud consultant, you have to clear the Salesforce administrator certification. You must know about the cloud functionalities and work as a business analyst for at least two years. A Salesforce sales cloud consultant can understand customer requirements and design sales cloud applications based on it.

Salesforce Service cloud consultant: Senior business analyst with Salesforce administrator certification can take up Salesforce service cloud assistant certification. They are experts in designing service cloud solutions based on customer needs.
The following are certifications that come under developer track.

Salesforce Certified platform App builder: With this certification, you can work on developing custom applications.You would become proficient in handling the declarative part of Salesforce.

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I: Developers working on any platform can take up this certification. You would become a pro in developing custom applications. You would gain some knowledge about Apex and Visualforce.

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II: A Salesforce certified platform developer I would be eligible for this certification. They would have mastered in the concepts of Apex and Visualforce. The certification offers an overall understanding of SOAP, REST, API and lighting components.
Thus choose the right Salesforce certification based on your career track, and you would be offered better job opportunities.

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