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A Perfect Guide For Salesforce Programming

A Perfect Guide For Salesforce Programming

Currently, Salesforce developers are in high demand. This is because various industries and companies make use of Salesforce applications for business processing. A Salesforce developer should be capable of designing applications in platform. You can get trained in Salesforce training institute in Chennai on Salesforce programming. Here you would find a guide for developing your applications with the options available in Salesforce.

How does Salesforce Application work?
The requirements of the clients are requested from the Salesforce application. Visualforce is responsible for this process. The logical layer is developed using APEX. The database is accessed based on the requirement. Salesforce permits the use of web services for your application to work. A Salesforce developer training in Chennai would help to become a successful Salesforce developer.
Declarative Vs Programmatic Approaches
You can develop a salesforce using any one of the approaches either declarative or programmatic. In declarative approach you make use of page layouts, record types whereas in programmatic approach visualforce pages and components are used for developing a user interface. Workflow, validation rules, approval process, are included in the business logic when you incorporate a declarative approach. When you go for a programmatic approach for the business logic of the application make use of Apex triggers, controllers and classes.
The data model of the Salesforce application can be created using objects, fields and relationship in the case of the declarative approach. Metadata API, REST API, Bulk API are used for data modelling with a programmatic approach.
Knowing About Visualforce
With Visualforce it is possible to develop a user interface for applications in the Salesforce platform. Visualforce offers a framework for designing user interface similar to the javascript angular JS framework which is used for developing an interface for websites. With Visualforce it is possible to create custom pages of your applications. You can build templates for email, set up mobile interfaces etc. It is possible to export the data in PDF and embed them in standard layouts. You can also build customised tabs for your application using ViusalForce

The following are the elements of Visualforce
Visualforce markup: It includes tags, HTML, web-enabled code like Javascript etc.
VisualForce Controller: This is developed using APEX language.
Apex Programming
Once you’re done with developing a user interface for your application with Visualforce, you have to continue with the business logic of your application. This is done through Apex programming. The custom logic is developed or written using Apex. It is an object-oriented language and makes use of flow and transaction control statements in platform. If you’re familiar with Java programming, then Apex programming would become simple. This is because nearly 70% of the Apex syntax is the same as that of Java.

The following are the scenarios where you make use of APEX programming when developing applications in Salesforce platform.

· When adding web and email services to your application
· When performing business processes.
· When including validation rules to your business logic
· When trying to add custom logic for saving a record.

You must have explicit knowledge of inserting and retrieving data from the database when developing applications of your own.
The above guide would be useful for Salesforce developers.

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